Mental Health Benefits of Exercise


At first, it may seem like physical and mental health care are two different things, but they are more interrelated and co-dependent than you may think.

Specialists in cognitive behavioral therapy in West Orange, New Jersey, constantly remind patients that a healthy body and a healthy mind go together. In fact, research shows that exercise helps reduce rates of anxiety, depression, and other forms of mental illness.

In addition to the physical benefits of exercising several hours a week, adults can also experience improvements in their ability to maintain a good mood, gain energy, keep focused, and stay alert. This is because exercise helps stimulate certain chemicals in the brain that help you feel more relaxed and let you sleep better.

Of course, being physically healthier means you will feel unwell and get sick less often. And getting sick can be a very stressful thing. It also provides an outlet to help release your anger and serves as a temporary distraction from your problems.

When done regularly, exercise can help augment the benefits of seeing a mental health care therapist and receiving psychotherapy in West Orange, New Jersey. Even simple physical activities like walking outdoors and stretching are better than hardly moving around.

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