Explore the Benefits of Breathing Exercises


Countless factors affect our mental wellness. Since many of them are out of our control, we can only protect our mental health by performing a range of coping strategies, such as meditation and exercise. With the right techniques, you can create more positive outcomes for your mental wellness.

Here at Shirley Court Gonzalez LCSW BCD, we want to help you take the right steps toward stronger mental wellness through our mental health service in West Orange, New Jersey. A powerful way to cope with the stressors of life is by practicing breathing exercises. Let’s dive deeper into the many benefits of breathing exercises.

  • Better Relaxation

    Breathing exercises help you relax better. As we provide cognitive behavioral therapy in New Jersey, we know that your mental wellness can be affected by how well you can relieve your stress. Performing breathing exercises can send signals to your nervous system to calm down, effectively relieving your stress.

  • Anxiety Control

    We all feel anxiety from time to time. This is a normal human emotion that we experience when exposed to threats. However, for many, intense anxiety can become debilitating.

    Similar to relieving stress, deep breathing exercises can help you cope with feelings of anxiety. Paired with our psychotherapy in New Jersey, controlling your anxiety levels can be an easier process.

  • Stronger Heart Health

    Breathing exercises also have an impact on your physical health. Practicing these exercises can reduce your blood pressure. Your heart can also work harder as you practice purposeful breathing, effectively strengthening it over time. As you practice breathing exercises, you can achieve a stronger, more efficient heart.

Let us help you stay mentally healthy! Call us to learn more about our services.


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