Common Signs of Depression to Watch Out For


As one of the leading providers of mental health service in New Jersey, we are experts when it comes to depression. While depression doesn’t look the same on everyone, there are common signs that may help you recognize depression in your loved one.

Depression can cause a person to withdraw or lose interest in things they once enjoyed, such as playing sports, going out with friends, or doing other hobbies. Other people also have a decreased sex drive than before.

One reason people stop doing things they enjoy is because of fatigue. Depression often causes a person to feel tired and lack energy. This may also lead to sleeping problems such as insomnia, lack of quality sleep, or excessive sleeping.

People with depression may show changes in their weight and appetite. Some people can gain weight fast because of an increased appetite, while others can lose weight because they don’t feel hungry. If this is unintentional, it may be caused by depression.

Depression can cause serious mood swings. One minute you’re okay; the next minute, you are crying or having an outburst of anger uncontrollably. There may be no outside factors that prompted the change, but you feel like your emotions go up and down without reason.

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