Common CBT Methods for Depression


Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most researched techniques of depression therapy. Emotions, thoughts, and actions are interconnected in CBT.

Ultimately, the goal of the therapist is to teach you about cognitive patterns and to implement coping mechanisms that challenge negative thoughts, behaviors (especially damaging ones), convictions, and perspectives.

Here are three common CBT techniques used for depression:

  • Cognitive restructuring

    By challenging your thought patterns, tone, and self-talk, you uncover cognitive distortions and problematic thought patterns that may be boosting depressive moods or suicidal thoughts. Cognitive restructuring helps create healthy patterns, eliminate cognitive errors, and practice rationalizing distortions.

  • Thought journaling

    The process of writing allows you to identify potential triggers and how your ideas influenced your actions. This can help you gain self-awareness and discover future coping strategies.

  • Mindful meditation

    Meditation for depression teaches you to focus less on negative thoughts and more on the present. Meditation can help you recognize and accept harmful thinking patterns, rather than allowing them to dominate.

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