When to Seek Help for Mental Health?


Our mental health can influence our quality of life and our capabilities. Similar to physical health, you need to take steps in taking care of it.

As providers of psychotherapy in West Orange, New Jersey, we know that not everyone knows how and when to overcome mental adversities. When is the right time to seek help for mental health?

  • Changes in Behavior and Emotions

    Patterns in your behavior may be altered when going through mental strain. These changes can happen without you fully knowing.

    You may have changes in your eating and sleeping. You may also experience extreme emotions. There may also be times when you are overwhelmed by normal daily activities to a point where you fail to cope with them.

  • Intense Anxiety

    Anxiety can also be a parameter to know if you need help in maintaining good mental health. This feeling is normal as it is our body’s way of dealing with threatening situations.

    However, intense and disproportionate anxiety can be impairing to some. If you constantly feel anxious, even without the need to be so, it would be practical to meet with mental health care providers.

  • Difficulty Concentrating

    When you feel constantly confused and have issues concentrating on your daily activities, it may be a sign of something much deeper. You may feel disengaged and distant from life, affecting how you function.

These are only a few of many circumstances where you may need help. You can always seek help anytime. Our mental health service in New Jersey can help you out.

Achieve better mental wellness with us here at Shirley Court Gonzalez LCSW BCD. We provide cognitive behavioral therapy in West Orange, New Jersey, and we can help you achieve strong mental health. Call us today!

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