What Are the Risk Factors for Depression?


A person could be suffering from depression without showing it on the outside. This is one of the worst things about mental health problems. They could go unnoticed for they often don’t have physical manifestations. Depression is a huge health risk that needs to be taken seriously. People all over the world die because of this every day. Therefore, it is important to address this in the best way possible. Undergoing cognitive behavioral therapy in West Orange, New Jersey is an excellent start. However, there’s still more that people can do.

Needless to say, the different types of mental health service in New Jersey and other parts of the world are beneficial in addressing mental health problems. The same holds for depression. People who have been diagnosed with it should seek the help of healthcare professionals immediately. On the other hand, those who are showing symptoms of depression must not wait for their condition to get worse before they do so.

Depression knows no age, gender, or race. Anyone could be its next victim. In reality, we’re all at risk for depression. The only difference is that some are at a bigger risk than others. It is crucial to identify the different risk factors to prevent them from taking a toll on overall wellness. Keep yourself guided with help of the list below:

  • Genetics
  • Alcohol and substance abuse
  • Overwhelming sadness or grief
  • Experience of abuse
  • A complication from other health problems

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