How Does Anxiety Affect Your Life?


Feeling worried over something is not a new emotion. It is a natural response to threatening situations. In many cases, feeling anxious can even be a good thing, as it helps us address these threats. However, every therapist will agree that chronic and intense anxiety can lead to health problems.

Here at Shirley Court Gonzalez LCSW BCD, we take steps to help you live a mentally healthy life through our mental health service in West Orange, New Jersey. We understand the impact of anxiety on our overall wellness. To raise awareness, let us discuss some of the effects of chronic and intense anxiety.

  • Social Isolation

    One of the many effects of anxiety is social isolation. Countless social situations may trigger one’s anxiety, causing them to withdraw from these circumstances. This social isolation can lead to loneliness and poor social skills that can affect one’s mental and physical health. Through our psychotherapy in New Jersey, we can help ease high anxiety levels.

  • Higher Levels of Stress

    Providing cognitive behavioral therapy in New Jersey has also taught us that anxiety can lead to excessive stress. Anxiety and stress are often tied together, as stress levels increase when we become worried. It is important to participate in stress-relieving activities to help curb your stress.

  • Impaired Functionality

    Intense anxiety can also affect your functionality. Many individuals with anxiety may perform poorly at school, work, and other activities. For these reasons, it is crucial to practice anxiety-relieving habits to ensure we stay functional.

Let us help you achieve stronger mental wellness! Feel free to call us for your questions and inquiries.


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