Biofeedback Therapy as Treatment for Anxiety

Biofeedback Therapy as Treatment for Anxiety

Shirley Court Gonzalez LCSW BCD was established to help you and all other people who need mental health service in West Orange, New Jersey. We realized that the only way to help people is to provide the best quality service they deserve.

We offer several treatments and behavioral health service in New Jersey that will help you control, manage, and regulate emotions. 

One of the treatments that our organization uses is the biofeedback technique. This method allows you to gain control over involuntary physical functions like your heart rate, muscle tension, blood flow, pain perception, and blood pressure, among others. Sensory devices connected to your body provides feedback on the specific parts of your body. This process helps you change your physiological functions to improve your physical and mental health.

Our biofeedback therapists often use this approach in the anxiety treatment of our clients. The application of this technique is proven to help you manage stress and prevent the exacerbation of symptoms caused by it. This approach is used either as an alternative or added to other treatments.

Our organization also conducts counseling to empower you and help you feel be in control. Coupled with biofeedback, you will be able to better manage your daily stressors and cope with anxious thoughts.

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